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ANNAHATTA – A symbol of the heart chakra represents the sound of your inner voice…..
A Sanskrit word associated with Balance-Calmness-Serenity.
The driving force behind ANNAHATTA is Nandini Mariwala Savin. A native of Mumbai, India, she brings a unique interpretation of vintage Indian prints to contemporary bedding collections. Her love for natural fibers, ancient print techniques, and unusual color combinations make prints come alive, creating a visual kaleidoscope! 
Our hand printed bedding collection is based on centuries old tradition of woodblock printing.
We have striven to maintain the integrity of this very specialized art in printing of our fabrics. Taking shapes from vintage textiles and documents and translating them into modern colors and motifs, creating bedding with eclectic sensibilities to appeal to a very broad spectrum of audience--- Classic, bohemian and traditional.

The bedding line is printed on beautiful Indian 100% cotton which gets softer with every wash.

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9903 Santa Monica Blvd,

Suite 601

Beverly Hills, CA 90212