Changing that Cover Up

Posted by Nanndini Inc on

Talk about confusion!!!  East, West, North and South.  We are experiencing some very interesting weather.  One day it's very warm and now a storm has come to bring havoc on the East Coast and the temperature is soaring on the West Coast!  Let's not forget all of the challenges for points in between.

One thing is for sure - we can't do anything about the weather.  We have to adjust be it cold, windy, rainy or hot.  The best way to bring some comfort is to create that special resting space.

And we have a suggestion . . . View our website!  We have some beautiful bedding & quilts on special prices.  While it may seem uncontrollable outside of our walls, we can bring in a season of beauty, charm and serenity.  We hope you enjoy and know we will make sure all orders ship promptly with tracking information.


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